From twitter blossoms creativity

From twitter blossoms creativity

October 1, 2012/ 2:12 p.m.

Disclaimer for the reader: This post will contain more than 140 characters. Twitter, an interactive social media site founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006, was under scrutiny during its beginning stages.

Twitter now has as estimated 225 million users and generates more than 65 million tweets per day. This information can be found via several sites. The blog I have decided to spotlight today is written by Jeff Bullas. He states stone cold facts about twitter that, although interesting, do not concern me or this post. I do believe that the best way to begin a written work is to mention a few facts.

I have noticed that twitter breeds creativity. Aficionados of all sorts are able to easily access topics of choice and follow leaders in a specific field. For example, I follow blues artists from a variety of places throughout the United States. Not all tweets are focused on their musicianship, but I find it interesting and somewhat liberating that these artists perform day-to-day tasks just as I do.

In reality, twitter allows the general public to think outside the box. Not everything that is transformed into a tweet is useful or appropriate, but as people read through their feeds, it becomes obvious that creative thinking and expounding upon short tweets is necessary. In my opinion, this breeds creativity. Sometimes, tweets aren’t “what you see is what you get.”


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